Residency Social Events

Resident camaraderie and morale are important to us.  Our program sponsors activities and outings throughout the year to ensure a friendly and enjoyable working environment.

Intern Wellness Retreat

intern welcome party

The intern welcome party is a casual get-together hosted by our chief residents to help our new interns get to know each other right before the start of residency.  Current residents are invited to attend to meet the new trainees and share their stories and expertise.

intern wellness Retreat

The fall Intern Wellness Retreat is an opportunity for our interns to spend a day away from the hospital to participate in bonding and team-building activities.  Interns are divided into groups and engage in some friendly competition to win bragging rights.


Block Parties

Every month our amazing chief residents organize an outing to a local restaurant or bar for all the residents. These events are highly enjoyed and well attended.  Prior events include an outdoor barbecue, a night at the pool hall, and happy hour at local wineries and bars.

holiday party

Each year, the residency program hosts a Holiday Party for our hard-working residents to demonstrate appreciation for all the work they put in.  Our residents love attending this as it's an opportunity to see their classmates in a relaxed environment and to celebrate the holidays.


Spring class retreat

Annually, each class is relieved of clinical duties for a weekend in the spring to attend a class retreat.  The location of the retreat is chosen and activities organized by each class and gives each class dedicated time together. 

Graduation dinner

Every June we celebrate the end of another academic year with a graduation dinner and dance party.  Our graduating residents are honored for their achievements throughout residency in front of their friends, family, and faculty.