If you want excellent Internal Medicine training and limitless career opportunities, USC is the place for you.
— Eric Hsieh, M.D.
Residency Director


Lillian Dawit, MD

Class of 2022

Lilian Dewitt.jpg

"What I love about this program is the sense of community in our residency, the strong training, and teaching we receive through the diverse clinical pathologies we see every day on the wards, and having the privilege to serve and care for all members of our community, especially those who may not have opportunities to receive consistent healthcare outside of the hospital. I love being a part of the USC family and I know I will come out of it a more confident, compassionate, and exceptional-trained physician."

nora bedrossian, MD

Class of 2021

Nora Bedrossian.jpg

"From the start of my interview day at LAC+USC, I could feel the genuine enthusiasm, support, trust, and joy among the faculty and residents. I have since had the privilege of learning incredible medicine and compassion from our diverse and appreciative patients. Now, as a second year resident, I continue to find these amazing qualities in everyone I am lucky enough to connect with, and I am inspired every day to work my hardest for our LAC+USC community."

christopher lee, MD

class of 2020

Christopher Lee.jpg

"I love coming to work everyday at USC. There is a definite sense of family and camaraderie among the residents and faculty. The pathology that we encounter on a daily basis is diverse and, coupled with excellent teaching from faculty, makes for an amazing learning environment. As a PGY3, I feel well-prepared to tackle the challenges of being a fellow and attending in the future."