Our mentorship program focuses closely on each resident's progress and development throughout their training, as well as preparation for a career after residency. At USC, we take great pride in the mentorship we provide our trainees.


Associate Program Director (APD) Mentorship

From the onset of training, you will be assigned an APD mentor who will closely follow you throughout training. They will also be your point of contact for subspecialty mentors. In addition, each APD mentor will, along with other faculty, provide direct supervision of your patient care during training. They will also be your point of contact and leader for intern curriculum/didactics and quality improvement projects. Each APD is invaluable in career planning as well, for fellowship and beyond. This includes reviewing you CV, job applications, contracts, and providing references to recruiters, hospitals and private groups.

Performance Reviews

Frequent meetings will be set up between you and your APD to track your performance during residency. They are there to make sure you are progressing as expected throughout training and reaching the necessary milestones. APDs meet with new interns monthly to track their progress through the transition period to training. More formal evaluations occur every six months throughout residency.


subspecialty mentorship

During your rotations you will have great opportunities to work with some of the best subspecialists in the field, and residents are naturally drawn to some faculty as mentors for career and application season. This is facilitated by the associate program directors.

fellowship mentorship

Annually, the program provides strategies for application to fellowship in the medicine subspecialties. This includes reviewing your personal statement, ERAS application, program lists, and choices of letter writers.